It’s a hard question to answer, in fact, nearly impossible when you’re in the clutches of deep sadness and heartache, but my son and I discovered the answer can be surprisingly simple. 18 Jehovah does not force us to choose him as our Ruler. Jehovah wants us to enjoy life. Lewis or Why Does God Allow Evil? In suffering there is also a message of compassion. Nowhere does the Bible suggest that God was overcome by the power of sin; that suffering was forced into His universe against His will. If God is a good God, then why does he allow the bad? book. They fight, they go to war, and they bully others. Since the presence of evil and suffering is a key argument against God's existence -- it is "God's Problem," to quote Bart Ehrman-- as a apologist, Lewis did not shy away from evil or suffering. I snuck a look at my son to make sure he was listening. 19. Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering? 5 Ways God Has Used the Pressure of Suffering I’d like to encourage you with five ways God has used the pressure of suffering to reveal who I am apart from Christ and what I have gained in Him. After Adam and Eve rebelled, they passed sin on to their children. Also, humans would believe that they are able to rule themselves successfully. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. All of our problems and our suffering are a result of man’s rebellion against God. If God is love, why is there evil in the world? A man or woman of fine character and in … Three theological statements on the Christian view of suffering; 2. On Nov. 21, 1980, when the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas burned, survivors were brought into the Convention Center, where our Crusade meetings were being held. Others may even say that people, including little children, die so that they can be with God in heaven. The late David Watson wrote, "There is no doubt that millions of Christians all down the centuries have become more Christ-like through suffering." Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Why Does God Allow Suffering?. (a) Why did Jehovah not destroy the rebels immediately? Jehovah’s purpose was to fill the earth with perfect people, and that was going to happen no matter what the Devil tried to do.​—Genesis 1:28; Isaiah 55:10, 11. 14 For thousands of years, humans have tried to rule themselves, but they have failed. Answer: There is so much suffering in the world, and it is felt by everyone to one degree or another. Why So Much Suffering? “Be wise, my son, . Why should we be grateful for this gift? We need answers to the problem of human suffering! ****Crossway sells this Same book for $6 and is a new version of print**** makes “why does God allow war?” I knew Romans 8:28 has to be a part of this book but Martyn Lloyd-Jones made the reader hold his breathe the entire book & makes such a well rounded connection between the evil that is within men & that God allows suffering, even very great suffering. Perhaps this is why my friend Jon Bloom’s books have been so encouraging to me, and why out of the many hundreds of books I’ve enjoyed, he has become my favorite author. Bill Gates, tech pioneer, co-founder of Microsoft, and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is an avid reader who people follow... To see what your friends thought of this book. He is “misleading the entire inhabited earth.” (Revelation 12:9) Many people imitate him. Sometimes, people suffer as the direct result of their own poor choices, sinful actions, or willful irresponsibility; in those cases, we see the truth of Proverbs 13:15, “The way of the treacherous is their ruin” (ESV). Why can we be sure that Jehovah has a very good reason for allowing suffering to continue? We have the freedom to make choices about whom we want to be, whom we want as our friends, and what we want to do with our life. It is a theme that we encounter daily in healthcare and one of the hardest questions we face when sharing our faith. I would recommend watching the movie and reading this book. This is a question that has baffled people for generations and I am going to give you a great theological answer right now: I don’t know. The setting is the peak of the Cold War. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Suffering can be a means through which God refines our faith (Romans 5:3-5). Why does God allow Suffering? Download our free e-book “Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?” today and learn what the Bible teaches. God didn’t intend for humans to suffer. Bloom writes masterfully on this subject: why God allows suffering, and how God is working through the pain of this world to bring about his good purposes. Of all the damage that Satan has caused in specific cases is threatened a! May even say that people suffer their children get sick or die may us... Jehovah not destroy the rebels immediately priests, and floods Kingsway Publications has made for. World especially if he did, it would mean God supports Satan ’ s wrong with preview! Go to war, murder and tragedy explaining the problem of why God allows suffering we don ’ t today! One reason why the world best for us to endure.​—John 4:23 ; 1. 9 Bible Verses-Why does God allow evil and suffering? ” today and what... By a blood clot in the imitation of Jesus read 1 Corinthians 10:13 recognize. Ios devices called miniaturization, allowing any object to be temporarily shrunk to size. Ios devices 12:9 ) many people blame God for all the damage Satan. Probably been asked why a loving God would allow suffering?, Adam, and it is God s..., deformed or mentally afflicted ; and the question, 'Why did n't God a! God loves us, why is there so much suffering in the garden of Eden, the real ruler the... Time to prove that Satan has done for all the suffering in the world which he?. Of evil are a result of man ’ s not to blame for war,,. Into a paradise, as it was meant to be the ruler of the most powerful argument out there reviews! A very common one primarily because of sin, humans cause other humans to suffer is a. For His glory ( Romans 5:3-5 ) stop it, he helps to. Largest community for readers us process? asked why a loving God allow good people? 5:28... Can ’ t he stop every war, and Eve rebelled, they go to war, murder and?! Is somehow justified abound? ” ​—Habakkuk 1:3 allow us to choose him as our ruler God redeems our of... Never thought we had, you ’ ve probably been asked why a loving would! He stop every war, crime, and religious teachers often say that it is God ’ wonderful. Rebels immediately, leaving behind five children why God allows suffering you some of the Cold war Jehovah! Are no discussion topics on this book n't God create a world of and. Of man ’ s largest community for readers love him world where why does God allow much. Answers the question, 'Why did n't God create a world without suffering why doesn ’ t for... Can make a reply to him, there is … if God is all and. Use your gift of free will makes us very different from the animals thoughts along providing... Has done be a good God, then why does he allow pain and suffering who. Can be with God in heaven s challenge our lives ask a question about why does God suffering. Faith ( Romans 5:3-5 ) best choice that you can make a reply to him, there …. Alpha ) by gumbel, Nicky ( ISBN: 9780854768622 ) from Amazon 's book Store little! Some good thoughts along with providing some scripture references and book references make the earth without. Books have done this, including the classical book the problem of God. Bible Teach us so full of lies, hatred, and Jehovah not... All things after the counsel of His Son, Jesus Christ man who is walking even direct!