V Player 2 is a free standalone VST host application that can be used to open all your favourite VST's without using your DAW. Perfect for musicians, DJs, engineers, and producers on-the-go! function MSFPpreload(img) understand the inner workings of VST plugins - VSTHost. Podium FREE by Zynewave. here (.zip file, (For more information, visit www.superwavesynths.co.uk/product_p8.htm). Here's a little demonstrational Windows program I started in 2002 in order to With incredible MIDI routing capabilities, whether you're practicing in your basement or rockin' the stage we're sure you're going to love Cantabile. After that, you can continue to sculpt your sonic textures with three types of distortion, high rez low pass filtering, metallic effects, reverb, gate sequencing and dual delays. here (.pdf file, 171K). with the VFX host software. Originally, I made VSTHost available including the complete source code. Topten Cantabile is a high performance VST host that’s tailor-made for live playing. A work a like copy of Windows and a full OS (like Linux) all running on an Intel (compatible) CPU with sound and MIDI I/O etc. All functions of a VST effect processor or instrument are directly controllable and automatable; either with a mouse or with an external hardware controller. Texture v1.2: Texture offers an amazingly wide range of...well...textures. The VST Host sends audio data streams to the PlugIns in a special format and adds their output to its own audio processing. External hardware host for Windows plugins (VSTi and VST effects) Banks, presets (incl. And since I got a rather bad taste of humor, it got the above title. Once in the main unit... you have freed your plugins from the computer and have instant immediate access to your instrument and effect sound creations on a dedicated hardware unit. Carry your synths, samplers, effects, and signal processors with you from studio to stage—and leave your computer behind. but new features won't make their way into it any more. In this video, I'm playing some sounds of the preinstalled VST … apart from the two notable examples - whose names elude me right now: that rack thingy, and the little desktop thingy - are there any other projects that host VST plugins as standalone instruments or effects in hardware format, with midi and some control/editing interface? // --> , . Element is a modular AU/VST audio plugin host. Unlike many other piano modules (like those gigabyte pianos), this module will never overload CPU. Is also run as a standalone and as a plugin for DAW. Just buy a rack mounted Intel based server, put an SSD in there, add Windows, and the DAW or VST Host of your choice. // -->