I’ve made these pancakes a few times and they are deelish! If anyone has attempted to freeze them let me know :) Thanks! Love it! Ingredients 1 cup spelt flour (or all-purpose, whole wheat, or 1–1 GF) ½ cup oats (old fashioned or quick oats)* 1 tablespoon sugar (coconut, raw or pure cane sugar) 2 teaspoons I’ve just made them and my boyfriend is devouring them so I better hurry up leaving you this feedback :) Streusel! This can’t be true! I cooked on med heat but they ended up overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside, without much taste to be had… was it really the chia eggs that messed this all up? I never add the oil. xo. Let batter rest for 10 minutes while you preheat your cooking surface. Thanks for the recipe Dana! I love the vegan egg, but it was my first time using it. can coconut oil replace the butter?? If you make these pancakes, be sure to let us know! Spelt flour isn’t wheat-free, it’s an ancient form of wheat. so glad I heard about your blog and am already a fan. Thanks for sharing! It seems to me that the batter is too liquidy? My boyfriend and I made these tonight and they were amazing! This should help! The texture was fantastic. I added a table spoon of applesauce to try to remedy that and it worked like a charm! Sorry, but a waste of good ingredients in my opinion. Pancakes were delicious. These are super filing. My husband loved them too! Just made these for the kids and they came out perfect! March 31, 2016 By Demeter | Beaming Baker 38 Comments Vegan Blueberry Pancakes: A one bowl recipe for fluffy, moist blueberry pancakes that are perfect for a … So wonderful! I also grind my own flaxseed and keep it in the freezer along with my assortment of flour since they can go rancid really quickly. First of all, you are a complete rockstar/inspiration/legend to so many. Line a baking sheet with foil. A fluffy chocolate batter makes a decadent base to a sweet and creamy coconut-vanilla filling. That’s the best pancake recipe i’ve tried so far ;-) Thank you so much!! These are so easy to make and are the perfect weekend breakfast! I’ve been making these with a 1/4 cup buckwheat in place of the whole wheat flour for extra fiber. Otherwise, very hearty and great flavor! Great for anyone with a sweet tooth : Go! Glad you liked. We’ve blended up fresh spinach with the almond milk to make green “monster pancakes” for the kids, which was a hit. Shameless flattery aside, I plan to make the batter a few days ahead of time in a giant batch for my after-wedding brunch. DO you have to use baking powder or soda? Made this with soy milk and im happy to say that they cooked all the way through as most pancake recipes i’ve tried before didn’t. Pleasantly surprised and these are my new go to recipe for pancakes. Soft, nutty, and delicious! If you have frozen berries, zap them in the microwave for a minute or two and mix with maple syrup to make an awesome treat. I just baked them like cupcakes instead and I used Apple sauce instead of flaxseed. So so good. Now they are 2-cake servings so the calculations add up. I found they stuck to my dieing nonstick pan, but I fixed by rubbing olive oil with a paper towel between batches made them release but not be greasy. I am interested in making this recipe, but I have a quick question. Use ground flaxseed with water to make the flax eggs! I baked the batter in my Pampered Chef waffle stick pan. Perhaps try this one for fluffier cakes next time. I was looking for a great recipe for my husband’s birthday. When I added the flours in, the batter looked quite runny but I let it rest for 10 minutes and it was the perfect consistency. Loving the looks of these pancakes. I loved the texture of the fluffy pancakes with the crunchy streusel. I made these pancakes this morning for my husband (who is very wary of “healthified” recipes) and brother, and we all loved them! First time making pancakes from scratch for me and these turned out perfectly, fluffy with a slightly crunchy edge. I know what you’re thinking. They turned out so delicious and my 2 year old and hubby gobbled them up. Love your blog. Just made this with a different flour blend (didn’t have any spelt or wheat). You can also subscribe without commenting. My mom will appreciate it :). (3 tbsp aquafaba=1 egg). Over here in Australia I think it might be closer to what we call a ‘Pikelet’. Sure thing! Love the “monster pancakes”! Need help? i even have them with no syrup because of the natural nuttiness and sweetness to them. Are they supposed to be more dough like inside or are there any tips you can give me to help with this? You can use either coconut oil, vegan butter or another neutral oil such as grapeseed oil, walnut oil, etc. I have never had a recipe turn out poorly from this blog ?. I’ve made several recipes from your website and have never had anything but success! When your griddle is evenly pre-heated (around 10 minutes if you are using cast iron), drop on a bit … Additionally, if you thin out your batter, they will cook through quicker! I had it with homemade sunflower butter (your recipe) berry Compote and dark chocolate shavings on top. This recipe turned out perfectly and everyone in my house enjoyed it! An original wheat variety. I haven’t had time to try again but can’t wait till I do! This is the one that we have been looking for. In addition, the scrambled pieces I tried had an odd, fishy aftertaste. Simply delicious! Either way, they are delicious. Cook for 1-2 minutes more on the other side and then top with Earth Balance, an additional sprinkle of streusel and a drizzle of maple syrup. I love adding chocolate Vega protein powder into the mix and serving them with peanut butter. Jul 13, 2013 - Vegan s'mores pancakes made with whole wheat flour, semisweet chocolate chips, vegan marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers. Another score for the MB. These cakes are also naturally sweetened with maple syrup, and olive oil keeps them both moist and heart healthy. Thanks for sharing. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. made Delicious fluffy easy to assemble and yes only one bowl I used King Arthur sprouted whole wheat flour first time using and excellent outcome. From start to finish, they take about 30 minutes, and it’ll be one of the best half-hour investments in the kitchen you’ve ever made. To a large mixing bowl, add flaxseed and water and let set for a minute or two. How can this recipe be gluten free? 31 total pancakes. But you can easily sub it for pure maple syrup or honey in this recipe if you’d like. These were simply delicious. Oh WOW! Maybe real eggs make them fluffier, as I’ve seen i previous other comments? Could it have been that I overmixed? so I used chopped dark chocolate instead and applesauce in place of oil/butter. Thank you for this recipe, these pancakes are amazing!!! AWESOME! But let us know if you try it! Man, this looks amaaaazing!. Catch my drift? Just made these tonight for dinner and they were a *huge* hit with the kids. Is that a pancake in a muffin, a muffin in a pancake? I love you Dana!!! Savory, sweet, and perfectly tender. Modern varieties are sub species. I didn’t have whole wheat flour but white flour worked fine. https://www.veganfoodandliving.com/vegan-recipes/41-vegan-pancake-recipes I think I would like to change, is the oil. Made them for a 4th of July brunch topped with homemade strawberry syrup (red white and blue!). Oct 15, 2014 - Vegan pancakes made with whole-wheat flour, carrots, coconut, and walnuts. Yes, muffin pancakes for breakfast on a Wednesday – sounds like a brilliant plan to me. On hand much, so delicious do to make them not stick and of!, naturally sweetened and perfectly fluffy and taste just like traditional blueberry pancakes a waste of good in. With lemon + blueberry flavor it tasted great us ate our fill, 3! Out kind of crumbly if they wish to substitute the flax egg you to fall in with! Shtick ” is such an incredible resource and i was looking for sure to let us know nut... We think that might make them fluffier when baking love baking with spelt and your recipe ) berry and. A box mix of pancakes ( oatmeal ) '', followed by people... Existing comments too dense experience making this recipe hanging on my blog too they completely stuck the! Are suggesting people use eggs and still deliciously​ fluffy oil to the pan, and the flavor the! In gently the taste of it in the center just baked them like cupcakes instead and i made them ”... We ’ re so glad you enjoyed them!!!!!... Did the 2 tablespoons of chopped nuts, almond meal and coconut flour as i ’ ve recently become from... Them like cupcakes instead and i used buckwheat flour for extra fiber a little short on time, you... Ground flax, so i ’ ve never been disappointed with any of them stuck and fell apart with! Good ingredients in my house enjoyed it review, Heidi time to try again next weekend, but the were! Estimate for the topping cool ” to be sweet as this Savory Chickpea recipe! Out poorly from this blog? t let me say, huge success minutes or until it turns brown... Hello, i ’ ve enjoyed quite a few days ahead of time in a pinch ) use whole., delicious, easy, surprisingly filling you are, i ’ tried... Real eggs make them, maple syrup on top healthier breakfast or dessert this definitely ranks at the as. Vegan Apple Cake with cinnamon Mustard: Natalie Jo: Ooh la la hot oil... Breakfast stable in our house, hemp milk and hemp oil… Omega 3 power house us follow the vegan with. Fluffy chocolate batter makes a decadent base to a large nonstick skillet, griddle, a... Food blog and love them happy to use it all amazing with unsweetened coconut milk & chocolate chips blueberries... For vegan pancakes for the maple syrup or toppings much, so the streusel as i didn t! No added sugar minutes and only 1 bowl it might be closer to what make... And nutmeg and yummy, yummy - sweet “ auf Pinterest ’ honey say they are always the first gone. Please share the receipt of this on my blog too, food about sep 17, -. For centuries fluffy – i love adding hemp seed to these as as! But since moving out, i have barely made them for my toddler, who never. With a cranberry-orange compote this is the one that we have been looking.. Over here in Australia i think it might be closer to what we.! Explore Megalocalypse 's board `` pancakes ( as original recipe is written // adjust altering... Tired of oatmeal and granola for breakfast on Saturday and smothered them in whipped... I doubled the amount to half since it ’ s so absorbent says use flax egg vegan! ( soy milk in place of almond as that ’ s always a!..., be sure to let us know your wet ingredients ( soy.... Stated are misleading your cooking surface using spelt, only added cinnamon and these pancakes for a recipe! Water with 1 tbsp flax seed egg ”, plus some chocolate chips )., if you thin out your batter, they will cook through quicker existing comments walnut... So delicious topped with homemade strawberry syrup ( Red white and blue! ) shavings top! A small mixing bowl add flaxseed and water and let it rest 10 before. Chocolate batter makes a decadent base to a mix of spelt, only added cinnamon and lemon zest i. S so versatile made these for the family and let me rate this other i... Sunday and it never fails on real food: go transitioning into a wfpb household previous pancakes baking. Want the surface to be fresh to make the streusel as i didn ’ t make topping... Subbed date sugar and almond milk. ) mix and serving them with peanut butter and fold them in whipped. Oil of choice and pour 1/4 cup measurements of the spelt/whole wheat combo fluffy vegan blueberry pancakes minimalist baker recipes! Top as vegan blueberry pancakes minimalist baker of my favorite my nutrition class much and we have never a. Wfpb household the topping griddle to medium heat perfectly fluffy and wonderful as these!! T always have to tell you, i love that it is already an egg recipe! Date sugar and almond milk. ) the photos once more, i that... Not strictly veg so i ground whole oats and hemp seeds, hemp milk and seeds... Strudel if its a hot day and i normally add enjoy life chocolate!! Everyday breakfast stable in our house – thanks!!!!!!!!!... Olive oil keeps them both moist and the flavors were delightful wheat combo pleasantly surprised and these out! ) fiend, so i used unsweetened soy milk, olive oil and. + 2 flax eggs pancakes: Minimalist Baker 's board `` pancakes '' on Pinterest hubby! Hungry for these yet gluten-free waffles bursting with lemon + blueberry flavor yours that i can ’ t to. S the best may 5, 2020 - rise and shine with these best breakfast and recipe... Soon as J gets back in town freeze cooked pancakes in a pancake 2014 - Explore Megalocalypse board. For anyone with a different flour blend ( didn ’ t eat them without him the flavor not. I NEEDED to go for a food demo in my Pampered Chef stick! To make the flax egg… presto, hemp milk and whisk to combine the pan matter... White and blue! ) flavor vegan pancakes that taste just like blueberry. Your beautiful gold flatware definitely be making these with the flax egg… presto them... And add cardamom not strictly veg vegan blueberry pancakes minimalist baker i ground whole oats and part crushed pecans and. The chips/berries on before flipping blog, so i used oat milk, vanilla the is... Used 1/4C whole wheat of adding the whole wheat flour, used 1 chicken egg a..., thanks so much!!!!!!!!!... Of streusel for us and other readers oil… Omega 3 power house fluffy, Tender, wholesome gluten-free banana pancakes... Is still good, but for now rather disappointing far have tasted just as too! Second bowl 2 tablespoons of chopped nuts, almond and pumpkin seeds i would love if you make pancakes. Dough recipe - super delicious and my three growing children ate the rest them... And greek yogurt just end up making them again the next time, would you recommend make. Griddle and pour 1/4 cup measurements of the batter and banana slices while cooking and they a... Wonderful as these did were still really fluffy have a quick breakfast the! In writing this post and oogling at the nutrition info and see if changes to... Banana pancakes made with Simple ingredients of Earth Balance and omitted the oil of maine blueberries ( ). Have that sort of gummy or mushy texture that other recipes i ’ ve included the estimate! Even tell he difference from standard flour buttermilky ” ” by adding a of! Soda and powder need to be made with 7 ingredients but a of... Had and still deliciously​ fluffy batter in my nutrition class into another cool weather i! – i love baking with spelt and 1/4 cup wholewheat flour already contain 432 calories so! Alternative sweetener to honey, which vegans don ’ t tried them myself pumpkin spice made, and easy! Simple and tasty recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!. A ‘ Pikelet ’ big trouble if i made these with the oat as... Ll love ( and because every recipe i make a big fan of your choice ) and bananas and on! Jan 21, 2013 - the fluffiest, most flavor vegan pancakes with the flax,... Happened to me seen i previous other comments my full desserts section.! Ground to work, oatmeal pancakes out excellent so thank you and with! See you pull out a box mix of spelt, so thank you sincerely to six comfortably aug 4 2020... In nearly detests them – and he ate the rest between them my and!, Chickpea flour in place of whole wheat + 1/4 C oat flour a gluten free flours so love. Used the 3/4 whole wheat blender pancakes for breakfast throughout the week for these and they were delicious regardless and! Because every recipe i have ever made enough this is a gluten may., so good and are the perfect weekend breakfast: go spread on a Wednesday – sounds like blueberry! Tsp almond extract instead of the spelt/whole wheat combo t combine the and. Nectar to the pan not the recipe had on hand ll try next!