Bonus/free spins winnings wagering requirement: x35. £10, max. Its color scheme can be compared to Hyperslicer. Much thanks guys. Swords used by Swordman, Knight, and Crusader class characters. Class : Two Handed Axe Attack : 220 Weight : 0 Required Level : 1 Applicable Job : Swordman Class, Merchant Class Official kRO Website iRO Wiki Divine Pride Two Handed Sword: 12 Oridecon: 10 Steel: Broad Sword: 12 Oridecon: 20 Steel: Claymore: 16 Oridecon: 20 Steel: 1 Cracked Diamond: Indigo Sword: 22 Oridecon: 15 Steel: 2 Mithril Ore: 1 Breeze Jello Stone: Metals and Stones. Two-Handed Sword Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element; 1652: Egnigem Cenia 0.2%: 58: Demi-Human: Level 2 Fire: 1702: Baroness of Retribution 0.1%: 79: Angel: Level 3 Dark: 1163: Raydric 0.02%: 52: Demi-Human: Level 2 Dark This is the third axe model in the game and is the first to be classified as a legendary greatsword. If the user has Blessing, it will cast it at the user level. bonus bet: £5, can Two Handed Sword 4 Slot Ragnarok vary. Cri + 15. If you want two-handed weapons as a Sword Saint, Bastard Swords are your best bet IMO. However, it lowers the player's agility, slowing the user down heavily; while running, it increases the user's pulse higher compared to other weapons. The term "single-handed sword" (or "one-handed sword") is a retronym coined to disambiguate from "two-handed" or "hand-and-a-half" specimens. Max. Ragnarok: Project Zero . A huge violet Two-Handed Sword that's made from the Twin Swords of Naght Sieger. This item is in the Weapons class. 2-handed swords are not quite medieval weapons. INT + 3 Two-Handed Swords are the main weapon for Destroyers. Two-Handed Swords combine relatively slow Attack Speed with relatively high Physical Damage (higher than for One-handed Swords). 68 Skill Exclusive to Prominence: 2,987-3,280 Flame of Purification . Berserker Blade [2 Handed Sword] Base ATK: 109 Base Stability: 70 [Monster Drop] MaxHP -24%, ATK 2%, Accuracy 10, ASPD 500, Motion Speed 2% Description: A book containing the History of many wars and the dreams of the strategists that took part in them. Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 1) Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 2) As two-handed sword users their high damage output, lightning-fast attack speed, and decent flee mean that they can take out an enemy before it can do any significant damage to the knight or the party. Under skilled hands, agi knights are capable of quickly taking out a … Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 3 Blessing on the user when attacking. Its appearance is that of a simple curved katana like sword, with a crystalline green blade and a gold handle adorned with vajra-like prongs at its mouth and pommel. Two-Handed Sword, Yr Two-handed Sword, Ken Two-handed Sword, Nide Two-handed Sword, Wyadd Two-Handed Sword Type: Weapon: Class: Two-handed Sword: Buy: 60000z: Sell: 30000z: Weight: 220: Attack: 160: Required Lvl: 33: Weapon Lvl: 3: Slot: 2: Applicable Jobs Movie Star Eugene: Tartaros 2,851-3,131 Heart Breaker . Class : Two-handed Sword Attack Strength: 275 Weight : 220 £100. Smith Two-Handed Sword enables Blacksmiths to forge various Two-Handed Sword class weapons. Loot value: 450 gp. It is mostly used in the early Imperial Age before the Champion upgrade comes in, or by the Huns, Ethi… Tier 1 sword used by Sword Warriors. Such Renaissance swords were known by different names throughout the various countries:• Swiss/German Dopplehander and Bidenhander for 2-handed swords.• English Slaughter-Swords, named after the German Schlachterschwerter.• A variant of the weapons known in German as Flammenschwert or in English knows as flambards or flamberges, which has a visually beautiful blade, … More Ragnarok II: Legend of The Second Wiki. As such, you cannot wear a Shield while wielding a Two-Handed Sword. This is a true two handed sword - a photo of an actual German antique "Bihänder" (two hander) from the late renaissance period. Two-Handed Swordsmen are not seen very often because the Champion upgrade becomes available the moment the Two-Handed Swordsman upgrade is researched. Two-Handed Sword The weapon's info window. Increases damage against small, medium, large size monsters by 40%. Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery and Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 1), Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 2), Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 3), Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 4), Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Is The Game Lagging (Part 5), Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Getting Rid Of Fabres, Let's Play Ragnarok Online 2 - Getting Rid Of A Bunch Of Flies, 5 Frost Nova with each physical attack. L2WIKI.COM Historial Discusión (0) Comentarios Compartir. The two-handed sword of an evil spirit. Two-Handed Swords combine relatively slow Attack Speed with relatively high Physical Damage (higher than for One-handed Swords). RGs with Two Hand Sword > Rune knight - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: Royal Guards only lose 9 aspd while using a two handed sword, but Rune Knights lose 15 aspd . . Info Type: Two-Handed Sword Level: 3 Effects: 160 ATK Weight: 220 Source: Weapon Dealers (1-slotted), Ygnizem Seniar, Baroness of Retribution, Raydric (2-slotted) Cost to buy: 60,000 Zeny: Cost to sell: 30,000 Zeny Ignition Wave Booster Two-handed Sword - Can't be refined by normal means. The Ragnarok appears as the ultimate sword weapon for Duran should he take the Dark Light path of the Gladiator class, the Swordmaster. For every 2 refines, HIT + 1. _ Type: Weapon Class: Two-Handed Sword Attack: 220 Property: Neutral Weight: 220 Weapon Level: 4 Required Level: 160 about Lineage 2 The level of this skill affects the level of weapons that can be created and the base forging success rate. Has a chance of autocasting Lv. .Whats up with that? In the Two-Handed Swords category. The drop rate for this item is 0.1%. Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Atk + 3 per refine rate. Two-handed swords can be used by Warriors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A two-handed, double bladed axe. It does not add damage to skills that are unaffected by weapon ATK (such as Sacrifice) or skills unaffected by Weapon Masteries, like Grand Cross. 10 Free Spins Two Handed Sword 4 Slot Ragnarok on Starburst upon signup. List of Two-Handed Sword for each Character EX Two-Handed Swords [edit | edit source] Name DPS at Lv. CP Home Ragnarok: Project Zero Home Forums Wiki Master Account . When upgraded to +20, it does 3,570 damage. Register Login ... Two-handed Sword[2] Item ID: 1158 - Two_Hand_Sword_ Type: Weapon - Two-Handed Sword: A mighty, yet awfully basic, Two-Handed Sword. Vermintide 2 [Patch 1.4][SOLO LEGEND] Empire in Flames w/ Mercenary + Two-Handed Sword - Duration: 36:47. Quantum Charlie 3,622 views. For every 3 refines, ASPD + 2%. Atk + 3 per 15 base level (up to level 195). I just know it had 100+ hit and did splash damage. ";h" + escape(document.title.substring(0, 150)) + ";" + Math.random() + Editar. Two Handed Sword It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 20 or higher. When refined to +9, increases Bowling Bash damage by 20%. A two-handed sword with a blue glow. Definition. escape(document.referrer) + ((typeof(screen) == "undefined") ? "" Casino bonus: min. with love, document.write("<\/a>"), For experienced players, dungeons and raids, "Brothers Bound in Chains" (PK counter reducing), Two-handed Weapon Mastery also affect your damage characteristics. "Single-handed sword" is used by Sir Walter Scott. Ragnarok II: Legend of The Second Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. _ Class : Two-handed Sword Attack : 200 Weight : 180 Weapon Level : 3 Required Level : 60 Jobs : Swordman Sword/Blunt Weapon Mastery and Two-handed Weapon Mastery also affect your damage characteristics. Class: Two-Handed Sword It is sold by NPCs. Bug … Item Database > Equipment > Bastard Sword [2] Bastard Sword [2] A double-handed sword is both handy for chopping and stabbing. It is also used as a possible gloss of the obscure term tonsword by Nares (1822); "one-handed sword" is somewhat later, recorded from c. 1850. : Items in Ragnarok Online; Equipment: Armors • Headgears • … Claim 100% first deposit bonus up to £100 at Royal Panda!18+, first deposit only, T&Cs apply. Two-handed swords can be used by Warriors. "target=_blank>