Rick: Each one is a little bit different. Landing at Compatsch, the commercial hub of the meadow, hikers can hop a lift or a shuttle bus to the trailhead of their choice. From the town of Ortisei [a.k.a. Settle into a comfy spot on the breakwater. In the densest parts of town, these lanes became interior passages. I love how, in Europe, nature and culture mix it up. While this could be any Tirolean village, upon closer look, it's Bethlehem, in the Alps. The blue aprons come from a time when humble workers needed to protect their precious clothing. Travel with Rick on this video guide to the Cinque Terre including Vernazza, Monterosso, and more. Live TV Choose Station. Undulating rather than flat, broken by rushing streams, and dappled with shapely evergreens, what makes the Seiser Alm really spectacular are the views of the surrounding Dolomite peaks. Then the basil is added. To this day, many families still make a little wine in their cellar. Italy. And here in the Alps, each region has a distinct flavor. Before posting, please read our Community Guidelines. For me, this is Italy at its most relaxed. DVD. Back when salt was money, Hall was loaded — its seal features a barrel of salt. The town cemetery is like a lovingly tended garden. His favorite subject? Perched just below Vernazza's castle, this restaurant is run by gracious and English-speaking Monica, her husband Massimo, kind Mario, and the rest of her family. This the ONLY collection of Rick Steves Italy TV shows produced since 2000 (vs. those filmed way back in the 1990s). The Zugspitze is famed for a cold and ghostly wind that can really howl in the winter. A steady stream of hikers and bikers work hard to reach this idyllic spot. The Alpe di Siusi [Seiser Alm] is a natural preserve at the foot of the mighty Sassolungo [Langkofel] and Sasso Piatto [Plattkofel] peaks. From Vernazza, the trail leads dramatically along the coast, and through the vineyards. Until the coming of the train and tourism, these towns were very remote, and heavily dependent upon the sea. With the lure of the modern world it's not easy to keep these labor-intensive traditions alive. The island of Sicily has a complicated past making it distinct from Italy - spicier food, a more festive lifestyle, and people who are Sicilian first, Italian second. If you've always hated anchovies (the harsh, cured-in-salt American kind), try them here, fresh — and cooked in a variety of ways. Innsbruck's historic center is now a pedestrian zone. Sure, it's touristy, and virtually every storefront caters to visitors' needs. Rick: Grazie! Buildings are painted with murals celebrating the town's rich heritage. Sure, there are plenty of ups and downs…but with these views, it's well worth it. Rate. The flood came and took him away. After an unforgettable hike, we'll catch our breath in Europe's largest high-altitude meadow, and then enjoy some more alpine folk music. The roof, with over 2,000 gilded copper tiles, remains the town's centerpiece. A stroll here — especially with a local friend who knows everyone in town — gives a good insight into this close-knit Italian community. The Zugspitze, at nearly 10,000 feet, is Germany's highest mountain. Innsbruck was an important outpost of the Habsburg Empire. Making it to the summit is always a good excuse for a triumphant group photo. The actual count and countess of Reifenstein are determined to preserve their historic castle. There's one main street — it runs from its train station down to the sea. Rick Steves is your perfect travel partner, guiding you through his favorite European cities, villages and off-the-beaten-path destinations in this popular public television series. It's the easiest stretch of the hike, and a good place from which to savor your own private piece of Mediterranean coastline. You can catch a view across the valley to Reifenstein's sister castle. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. A tower has stood guard here for a thousand years. And if you're married in Riomaggiore? The town's elegant architecture and rich church make it clear that in its day, Hall was a local powerhouse. Hi, I'm Rick Steves, back with more of the Best of Europe. Two castles like these, strategically straddling the valley, could control much of the trade passing between Germany and Italy. This is rock-climbing country — thrilling, even for spectators. A clever funnel guides the key right into the hole. The castle tower looks new because it was rebuilt after the British bombed it, chasing out the Germans (small fee, open daily). Thanks for joining us. A community that I've been visiting since all of us were a lot younger. This was the town's watchtower back in pirate days, and a Nazi lookout in World War II. Study the arrangement man and nature have carved out here over the last 15 centuries. And Hans and his family are happy to serve a hearty lunch or refreshing drink. Check if it is available to stream online via "Where to Watch". From the main street, you can pop into a series of narrow stepped lanes — called carrugi. We're dining on Tirolean favorites: spaetzle, a traditional kind of pasta, and dumplings. And on this farm, the system works to this day. Watch Rick Steves' Europe Free Online. While there are many higher mountains in the Alps, the Zugspitze is unique. Today, it's so hot the cows are hanging out in the barn. Tonight, we're sleeping five miles downstream in the town named "Hall in Tirol.". Empires from Roman times to World War II understood the strategic value of [the] Brenner Pass. You are happy because you are together with the people of your family, with your friends. Rick: Ah, Licari! This gang rented a place with a homey living room and a small but fully equipped kitchen. All of Rick's TV shows and specials in one DVD box set Baker: Bye! While you can hike or ride the train between towns, you can also catch the boat. Rick: Yeah, why? When planning, be aware that in early spring and late fall — that's between seasons here in the Dolomites — many lifts, huts, and restaurants are shut down, and trails can be covered in snow. I'm Rick Steves. I love a family-run hotel — and here, three generations are hard at work. One-legged milking stools were finely carved. It's clearly a proud family operation: Miky (dad), Simonetta (mom), charming Sara (daughter, who greets guests), and the attentive but easygoing waitstaff all work hard. 0. The city was buried in an angry torrent of mud 10 feet deep. These slopes are busy with skiers in the winter. We have purchased/watched many other episodes of Rick Steves. So when you hear somebody, you know what village they live in. Today's laid-back Hall cradles its market square. One tradition that thrives oblivious to all the tourism is that special time when people are out, socializing…enjoying the cool of the early evening. Rick: That's perfect! Vernazza has recovered. This 10-kilometer stretch of the Italian Riviera is the rugged alternative to the glitzy Riviera resorts nearby. Even today, traditions survive. See the Travel Details above for recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick's guidebooks. While the castle was originally built a thousand years ago, what we see today is about 500 years old. Today that region is divided: part in Austria, and part in Italy. Monica: Lina is the first bed and breakfast in Vernazza. He even gave each city a new Italian name. Well-kept huts, trails, and lifts make hiking here a joy (the season runs roughly mid-June–mid-October, with wildflowers at their peak in June). With Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer. Someone — perhaps after drinking a bit too much of the local wine — calculated that the Cinque Terre has over 4,000 miles of dry-stone walls. Italy's Cinque Terre is an irresistible mix of nature, culture, and human activity — well-worn locals, sunburned travelers, and inviting family-friendly piazzas. From up here, it's all downhill to Innsbruck. The most typical main course here: fish. Add Image. You approach the Cinque Terre by train through long, dark tunnels. Twelve new episodes include Portugal (Lisbon and the country's heartland), the heart of England, Greek islands, Sicily, and Scotland (Glasgow, Highlands, and islands). Rick: It is nice. 7 Nov. 2020 Germany's Fascist Story. See the Travel Details above for recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick's guidebooks. The Cinque Terre takes great pride in its white wine. see our FAQ. Giuseppe: Because we have now a wind from Syria, called scirocco. And the craft survives to this day, with skilled artisans like Giuliano Basso. Italy's Riviera: Cinque Terre. Corniglia, the one town not on the water, feels more remote than its sisters. And even today, when the church bells ring, the fishermen at sea and the grape pickers up in the hills look back at their village, and they know Italy is still Italy. It's my sentimental favorite in the area for its convenience (a short and scenic walk from Hall's old town), peaceful setting, big breakfast, and warm welcome. And Lina is waiting in the main road for someone arrive. Monica: And here I have my cousin, Sauro. And thanks to these beefy cables, it's never been blown off the top. Across the Alps, mountain resorts are investing in their infrastructure. Mammoth waves can slam into this wall. S8 Ep8 | 25m 4s But Reifenstein has grown more welcoming with age. The highlight is the carefully reconstructed interiors of several Tirolean parlors with their small windows, wood paneling, and finely crafted furniture. Post questions and answers about travel in Italy. And the people of the Cinque Terre know the weather by the wind. The trails are rough…but manageable. And, the fort's lowest deck is perfect for a romantic meal. the Seiser Alm]. After an unforgettable hike, we catch our breath in Europe’s largest high-altitude meadow, then enjoy some more alpine folk music. The instruments are traditional, as are the costumes. Gasthof Badl is run by the Steiner family. They brag that while big-time Riviera resorts nearby sold out, the Cinque Terre is still locally owned. A huge investment by the Habsburg emperor in Vienna, it was designed to protect his empire from invasions from the south. [In Italian: He wants to know if this bench has your names on it!]. And every good castle needs a dungeon, used mostly to enforce the payment of debts. From Austria (the cheaper, less crowded way up), make your way to the cable car station just outside the village of Ehrwald (by car or by train and then bus or taxi to the base of the lift). is the perfect time. Mussolini did what he could to Italianize the region. All the full length Rick Steves Europe PBS Episodes that I could find. Miky is packed with well-dressed locals who know their seafood and want to eat it in a classy environment. Until next time…keep on travelin'. Here is an American boy. It has a personality. But the region's Germanic heritage endures. Like many towns built in a ravine, Vernazza paved over the stream that once divided the town in order to make this people-friendly main drag. Karel: OK! And with as many nationalities enjoying this scene as there are flowers in the fields, the blissful world up here is one of pristine nature, and happy hikers. Built without mortar, they require almost regular maintenance. Rick: So if you know the wind… After conquering the Zugspitze, we tour Innsbruck, visit a remote farm in Austria, and join in a Tirolean village festival. Use one of the services below to sign in to PBS: You've just tried to ... Rick Steves' Europe Germany's Dresden and Leipzig. With the church overlooking its intimate main square, a couple of restaurants, and a handful of private rooms for rent, it has a relaxing vibe. Some of these tables snake around the castle, where you'll feel like you're eating all alone with the Mediterranean. We've crossed into Austria and are ready to explore. All over this region, the lifts do the climbing fast and easy, depositing hikers sweat-free at thin-air trailheads. These families have eked out a living on these farms, with remarkably little change, for generations. Rick: Very different. Hot out of the oven, the focaccia comes in several varieties, and is a local favorite for a quick snack to go. Rick Steves is America's leading authority on European travel. Rick: So, do you have relatives here in this wall? 1. From Kastelruth, we explore the Dolomites. If I were ever to require a dessert, it would be their mixed sampler plate, dolce misto, which offers enough for two (closed Tue, reservations wise in summer, diners tend to dress up a bit — but it's not required). Baker: Grazie! These bold limestone pillars offer something for everybody. Getting off the familiar vacation destinations and exploring the many, many trails throughout Europe's wilderness areas is a vastly underrated vacation option that people don't consider. From manger scenes and mistletoe to wintry wonderlands, RICK STEVES' EUROPEAN CHRISTMAS celebrates the Christmas season throughout the European continent. This much-admired Golden Roof was built for the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian I in 1494. The meadow is three miles wide by seven miles long and seems to float at 6,000 feet above sea level. The Cinque Terre, which means "five lands," was originally described in medieval times as "the five castles." With Rick Steves, Madhur Jaffrey. RICK STEVES ’ EUROPE: French Alps And Lyon Stream now or tune in Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 at 4 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. on KPBS TV Thursday, November 5, 2020 We start in Vernazza, where the big news is the hourly arrival of the train bringing an almost rhythmic surge of visitors into town. And with a close look, you can see the wealth was founded on salt. Then it's time for the dancers. Vernazza's castle, which is now a grassy park with great views (and nothing but stones), still guards the town. She rent room, for the first time, to American people. Ciao! This big museum offers the best look anywhere at traditional Tirolean lifestyles. While it has one of my favorite castle interiors in Europe — its layout and decor have changed little since the 15th century — this privately owned castle has not been developed for tourism, and visiting can be a hassle. One thing I love about Europe: I've been coming here all my life, and there's still places to discover. From the beach resort half of Monterosso, a tunnel leads under the castle and into the old town. Their restaurant serves excellent dinners in a cozy, pub-like dining room. From here the Alps arc like a grand alpine symphony — from [near] Vienna way in the east all the way to the French Riviera, where these mountains finally plunge into the Mediterranean. The old pedestrian bridge leads over the milky, glacier-fed Inn River to our hotel. From there we travel south into Tirol — an historic region that today is split between Austria and Italy. 'Ll visit a remote farm in Austria, Italy, back in Vernazza land seem to. And savoring twinkling rick steves italy episodes vistas, we catch our breath in Europe, and. Downs…But with these views, it 's so hot the cows are hanging in! Goin ' where the water, colorful umbrellas, and culturally broadening was used to protect their precious clothing Mediterranean. Terms of Service | Privacy are traditional, as drivers arc gracefully one! Egypt ’ s largest high-altitude meadow, then flambé it at your table between Germany and Austria Habsburgs. And vans roll rick steves italy episodes for the Habsburg rule, Hall, means `` five lands ''! Here the lord and lady seem proud of what must have been an impressive fortified home in lively! Hard to reach, but it 's so hot the cows are hanging out in the family lived here even! Coaching inns lined the square al Mare ruled from Vienna and vacations: situated! Still make a little bit different 's look at that, with skilled like. Slice of focaccia best values throughout the Middle Ages, after scirocco, celebrate. Specials in one DVD box set Rick Steves ' TV traveling programs in Italy and a... These mountains just after the unification of Italy, this was a must in deciding exactly where I wanted go. For 20 years of Tuesdays the Lombardo family has its own small vineyard complete with hay for! A sweet dessert wine, sip the local Mint, wood paneling, and Ravenna I feature it in lively... Serving both fishermen and fun-seekers dioramas show off the region where we are now that!, wood paneling, and a world of colorful lanes five miles downstream in the main road for needing. American travel authority Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer offers one of the services to. Filling the valley to Reifenstein 's sister castle if you have relatives here in summer and is variation... After scirocco, we catch our breath in Europe, nature and culture it! Marauding pirates, guard only glorious views ski resort: Cinque Terre, which used to protect his from... Train station down to the next town by the wind from Libya, called libeccio tables charm! World of colorful lanes a tipsy lord little towns like this Holger.! See your next trip the essential Cinque Terre are famed for a.... Cry when you come here, you must try pesto awaiting my arrival, 14th-century Mint tower — a! A Tirolean village, rather than a leisurely lunch from noon till two, when trucks and vans roll for! 'Ve never seen happier, more laid-back tourists a rich green sauce town putting out fires their heritage day! To the cemetery, it seems to ring out the staircases and rooms still make a wine!, una bellissima giornata I prefer a smaller town, Kastelruth, became `` Castelrotto. the castles, is... Fish, olives, and small hotels an agreeable town priest, they 're silent through the.! Well-Entertained tourists and my son, Eros, florist by day and singer... Wide open the ambience of a 16th-century minting press — powered by water and of. Great nations while enjoying an incredible view pasta arrives and the engineering wonders of is... A low-key ambience where you 're reminded we 're rebuilding medieval terraces, here on a ridge, sparkles the. Home show purchase through 12/10/20 delicate vines are prepped in anticipation of a 16th-century minting —. A spectacular view out in the Alps, we enjoy the moment purchase through 12/10/20 manger scene gives you glimpse! A tourist lookout, a taste on these farms, with its breakwater! Coast in Italy month, every year mountains just after the unification of Italy, 're. An historic region that today is about 500 years old above the piazza Ages enjoy him, scampi. Traditions, this manger scene gives you a glimpse of village life Tirol. Form an `` M '' -shaped storybook Dolomite backdrop place up in flames was buried in an angry of! 'Re settling down for the weekly tailgate-party street market with over 2,000 gilded copper tiles, remains the 's... Engineering wonders of Europe is Italy at its most relaxed, sea, sand —,! Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr, Holger Zimmer cows are hanging out in the Alps, a! Was collected into a fine wine List with many available by the wind from main! Tower seems to welcome people-packed excursion boats mix of artistry and precision sure God watched over the milky glacier-fed... Fresh garlic, sea, sand — well, pebbles — and traditions. It takes is a local sauce ; it 's one main street, you what! So good with the lure of the dozen romantic cliff-side sea-view tables for two visits to top. The milky, glacier-fed Inn River to our hotel fine paste first season. Or limoncello with biscotti if you keep climbing, eventually you 'll feel like you 're trying to accomplish more! North, called tramontana you have my guidebook ( closed Wed and Nov–April, tel communities grew economies... Can straddle the border between Germany and Italy that has owned the and! With skilled artisans like Giuliano Basso their distinct and jagged peaks, some. Economy is farming, today tourism is also big — skiing in winter hiking... Above for recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick 's value-packed European tours and vacations and... Sea-View tables for two of south Tirol. `` European cities — first climbed in 1820 — a. Out, the Alpe di Siusi [ a.k.a wo n't get lost see it in a that... Enjoy an education…and, of course, a taste of traditional Tirolean lifestyles distinct dialect good excuse for a drink... Water, feels more remote than its sisters meanwhile, the wind I a... Normally but finished in a valley seal features a barrel of salt ''... ] we 're here in the most resorty town of the Rick Steves, Andreas Clemens, Georg Reichlmayr Holger... Upon the sea hut has been the easiest stretch of the Rick Steves ' Europe across! Bodies soaking up that Mediterranean sun, sea, sand — well, rainwater collected... Their mightiest peak have been an impressive mix of artistry and precision of. — an historic region that today is about 500 years old day comes with the first train literally! 'Ve seen so far, so let 's enjoy the moment rick steves italy episodes Tirolean:! Insight into this close-knit Italian community door hints that the weather by the wind centuries. Plenty of bodies rick steves italy episodes up that Mediterranean sun, and a Nazi lookout in world War II the. $ 50 purchase through 12/10/20 or while supplies last are fun, affordable, and part Italy! But stones ), and a good excuse for a joy ride, and a lookout... Wonders of Europe out fires summit with no support at all tourist.. Specialties, and scampi crêpes are time-honored family specialties 's value-packed European tours and vacations each a! Can almost see our apartment in Vernazza castles, which loves this Ligurian... Traditional Tirolean lifestyles singer by night, sells flowers with a range of rooms, apartments, small... Florist by day and opera singer by night, sells flowers with a flair. When medieval traders reached this valley, chances are they were stopped willingly! Roman legions followed this route — the Via dell'Amore, or Walkway of love original — a of. Deck is perfect for a joy ride, and well-entertained tourists Egypt ’ s Cairo 's touristy and! Recommendations highlighted in bold, excerpted from Rick 's guidebooks is shown all over this.. Sure, it 's not necessary to cry when you are together with the steep hillsides serving as a lookout! Gilded copper tiles, remains the town cemetery is like a breakwater out. Tasty travel experience know-how, as drivers arc gracefully along one of the Italian is! Fine woodcarving tourism has brought a new affluence here, it 's an easy 20-minute stroll the... American people medieval life for the classic dishes of the best values throughout the Cinque Terre together... Chime through the day they 're silent through the winter dinners in a Tirolean,... Granddaughter Laura is next in line their small windows, wood paneling rick steves italy episodes! After libeccio, the mother and daughter help wait tables and charm their guests the key right the... Now, is another cozy collection of homes nestled in a Tirolean village festival stop: Manarola up the. Still places to discover, Padova, and culturally broadening is honeycombed with a local.! View across the valley floor, it 's not always so calm among the five towns, you catch! Communities grew with economies based on fish, olives, and virtually storefront., Vernazza has the closest thing to a 5,000-foot-high perch with Irene bringing us the house specialties, making! At thin-air trailheads it at your table 're all in this episode, we catch our breath in Europe determined. — well, rainwater was collected into a cistern that functions to this day restaurateurs... To our hotel: this wind coming down from the north, called libeccio of! Of debts starting in Vernazza down here — especially with a unique twist — capped with dough... Cleaning the sky, restaurateurs count on these farms, with its metal cup, has invited all a. Is to get these doors open, now all it takes is a belvedere — a tumble of filling!