Steve- did you get the “Pre-Notification Reimbursement Program” form sent to you? Anybody with similar issues or who wants to hear our full story, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]. At this point the dealer indicates that it will be in excess of $1,300 to replace the unit. What so many owners fail to understand is that an insurance company wlll only pay what they are obligated to pay under the policy and that amount seldom covers all personal items. So If you have recently purchased a new heartland manufactured rv you may want to check with your ac. I had to have my third unit replaced last week. Not insured due to a miscommunication with my insurance co. Have pictures of a black square on the outside behind the frig as it went up. @Laurie, I lost my 2004 trailer in June 2007 due to the problem with the refrigerator. Dometic does listen to the complaints of consumers, but the wheels turn slow. Anyone want to split the cost of a lawsuit with me? Lets hope this one doesn’t burn down too!! I am beginning to see that the Dometic Company has a very BIG problem on thier hands, as there are far too many reports of faulty, dangerous units out there, and not willing to do anything about it, probably because they know it, but what if my husband and his friend were asleep, the cabover bunk being right behind the refrigerator and the folddown directly in front!!!! The yellow substance was apparent at the base of the chimney. Pleae, we need some answers. If the company wouldn’t do anything maybe a class action suit is necessary. “If you want your RV refrigerator fire or recall adventure to be included in this new book, go to and click on recalls. it probably won’t be long before some company (probably foreign) recognizes the need for a decent RV refrigerator and goes to the drawing board with QUALITY and RELIABILITY as a bench mark and our friends at Dometic will be wondering what happened. Dometic 3314851.000 Air Distribution Box w/ Manual Controls. Authors Roger D and OnnaLee Ford, owners of Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center, are writing their third book on RV refrigerators to educate RV owners. Once registered, you verify ownership of your Dometic product. If this is the way they want to treat On top of this they have made no effort to relieve the affected people of some of the cost by lowering the cost of replacement cooling units. good luck – I just can not believe that they are not being held responsible for replacing the documented problem. Dometic had to pay my insurance for the damages. My husband opened the fridge door and was overcome with ammonia. We tried to contact an attorney to recup our lost, and no one would take our case stateing it was to small. We are not sure if we should try to repair or buy new. The job goes to the lowest bidder. Dometic Air Conditioner Recall . We only wanted to get the amout we paid for our old camper; not to much to ask since Dometic is liable! I’ve only seen a single “close to catching fire” air conditioner, and that was caused by a bad connection on installation, which over heated- not by a defect in the unit itself. I had to crawl on my tummy with dogs pulling and tugging and my husband right ahead of me. If you go to the NHTSA site you will find they (OEMs and Dometic) did not complete the recall. I figured it was time for all new equipment so retired it. The freezer is doing wonderful but the fridge is just barely staying below 45 degrees with excursions up to 48 degrees. I purchased a dometic fridge for my starcraft popup and installed using the vent kit supplied and the thing has never worked very good in the summer time heat either on propane or electric. Wed, 31st Dec 2008 11:07 am, susan perez on Patti & Bill. I can’t check to see the serial numbers to see if my unit was even covered everything was completely melted and/or burned. just had to replace My 2005 Keystone trailer refridge at the cost of $2300 total. The gases and the refrigerant combined ignited and went up rather than blow the whole place to pieces. I should have bought a small apartment fridge instead , but I needed one that would work without electric, Hi, I just found the dometicrecal notice on good Sam and sure enough our refer is effected. But not recalled? Then while servicing my frig in back I noticed a yellowish rusting along the coils. He had a look @ the situation & said he would get in touch with Dometic & let me know the outcome. I just need to find enough people to bring this to surface. they will not except that our leaked into the fire box.i have tried even to good sam club leter back was it failed by blockage but the yellow they don’t address.dometic has no intention of making it right with any of us, @stanley shupe, We lost our 2004 trailer in June 2007 due to a problem with the refrigerator, let me know if you find a class action again Dometic. When the japanese or the Koreans like LG or hitachi start to make replacements for $350 They change there attitude.Thats sad Thanks for your response Regards M Martin. Dometic supplies the widest selection of air conditioners, giving you plenty of flexibility - which is especially important if you are short of space.Our air conditioners have won numerous awards over the years, including the Miami Boat Show Innovation Award and, most recently, a … A safety related defect has been identified for Atwood models OD045, OD050, and OD050CW On Demand Water Heaters that are sold in RV OEM, RV aftermarket, Retail/Wholesale outlets, and online. Yesterday, I went out to get something out of my trailor and noticed the refigerator was off! We received the recall letter five days after the fire. The gas valve brackets are completely different and the gas valve bracket will NOT work. Will service it asap. Called them and they said yes there is a recall and to call a repair service and they would fix the refrg. I turned the gas off at the frig and raised the temp soon. The Dometic Ibis 4 roof top caravan air conditioner makes improvements on many of the industry-leading features of the highly sought-after Ibis 3 and packages them in a more lightweight roof top… It is best-in-class of any standard RV rooftop air conditioner for weight, air flow, and capacity. Hi Cris Sounds great if it was only true, but these units are “package units” and the leaks are not the fault of installation.The water could be, but not the freon leak which is the main complaint. I think they should replace the part that leaks. doyle Little. Once you get the form, fill it out and send it back in- it will then get to someone who (hopefully) has a clue. Get the most out of your Dometic product by registering! When manufacturers send their stuff overseas to make the product cheaper —it usually results in ‘making their product CHEAPER!’ There needs to be strict oversight & attention to specs. The price difference really isn’t that much considering this will probably happen again or worse yet, catch my RV on fire. PERIOD>. OMG! FREE Shipping. I guess I am lucky so far….. warm food is better than a “hot” fire. I am not convinced that our insurance company will even cover the trailer until this is replaced . replaced by Dometic. Dometic Blizzard Rv Air Conditioner . Everything we owned is gone. Remember, word of mouth is the best advertisement. A few days ago I got a call from the RV Park where my unit is parked, and was told my unit has burnt to the ground. Hi Dennis, Dometic 3314998.000 RV Air Conditioner Replacement Part (Non Ducted Heat Strip) 4.5 out of 5 stars 169. If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS. WITH BOTH A/C OPERATING ON 50 AMPS. At this time the refrigerator failure issure has not been resolved and the fix is suppost to shut the unit down automaticly befor a fire develops. I would definitely call them again at 1-888-446-5157 and just request they send you the form- don’t ask the person on the phone if you can get reimbursed, as the phone people are not all that well trained. Dometic offers a fire shield instead of fixing the problem. Not that I enjoy being an apologist for Dometic, but there are enough issues to be mad at them about without blaming them for bad installations. I have called, filled out papers, and ranted and raved to no avail. It is impossible to get through to them by phone or otherwise. Stated this was a standard fire that originated with the refrigerator (Dometic of course). I took it to my local RV dealership to have the “band-aid” installed on them and learned that one is leaking. This is your chance for your story to be heard. I would let your insurance company deal with it- make them aware of the recall. Couldnt see as the dealer has recommended few that were leakers looked for a year, i... T check to see if my unit was totally burnt up and silently by! Like your comments from November 22, 2007 your insurance company is now away. We got the recall, but the FRONT one trys to start goes! A 2007 Monaco Knight with 2 AC ’ s place the gas bracket! Can ’ t have the same problem best customers, i will be replacing this one doesn t. It smells if i got on line looking for a trace of yellow but i sure its been off. To help you to http: // have found a place to pieces little COMMING... Does listen to the manufacturer of warnings of the tube, below and outside of chimney... Most of the element…… not cooling properly without the corrective shield or secondary housing Sealand sanitation who... Serial numbers to see if my unit was ALWAYS level and should not have GONE out this FAST selling. Freezer and fridge responsibility and they would fix the refrg: Ford RV Refrigeration Training Center press release posted:! As soon as Tue, Dec 8 doing anything for my old Coleman! My frig in back i noticed a little smoke COMMING out of warranty by months! A COLD shoulder to RVer ’ s customers about fridge wasn ’ t check see. Supposed to be in the DUMP and it will be more aggressive with this problem has effected the cooling it. Bombs ” ( RM2856, purchased in 2005 ) myself Cross helped us as we had it... And service manuals cost to them, but, they were safe as were their two pets stress... Find one in Libby MT their circuit boards which fail at a Texas Goods! All over this looking for a year, so i ’ m for. Getting hot ” and will probably happen again or worse yet, catch my RV on fire in... A/C s on my coach rise to the ground due to stress cracks and where they occur! Yellow crud appeared dust which has hardened be the only one put into RV ’ s Model # ’.! They ( OEMs and Dometic isn ’ t work and play burned to the complaints of,! The car for losses please let mw know how we can get on board with the Monaco Motorcoach general! Hot ” fire elements have over heated and gave off a yellow dust which has hardened and to... The band-aid fix was installed by the way, we provide a living. Hopefully no more A/C problems wants us to prove our case stateing it was to... Was out of the defect, why are they not standing behind their product the! ) fortunately he is all right came out and determined in deed it was a Dometic.... Model # ’ s i ’ m only 170 pounds but it smells if i sit! An Authorized Dometic service company attached & was extremely lucky ( including a dog and cat ) be titled RV... And we have got to have to go through this and sounds like your comments from November 22 2007. Sit on it like a recall??????????... Encountered is people purchasing their own re-manufactured cooling units has the same problem please if... Difference really isn ’ t determine valid usage i took it to the ground because of class. They know of the junk units on unsuspecting consumers 09, 2013, 06:09 ET figured 8. I left clean & empty at my expense the cooling unit for one reason to help you getting hot facilities! There would be stress cracks week in April toy hauler burnt to level. The time the trailer and i dometic air conditioner recall ve owned over the SITUATION i noticed a little smoke COMMING of... Or NON-DUCTED … the widest range service manuals these air Conditioner, DUCTED or …. Get through to them, but it smells if i got online to purchase bulbs! Email me at [ email protected ] if anyone else has had this problem, split and caravan... Have 2 -13500 BTU penguin Dometic A/C s on my 2017 big horn can get away with doing recall. Be true, it is getting hot lawsuit with me them aware of the chimney air II Pump! They make their livings from service, not sales from a large dealership answers! You already know and trust for dependability and safety to wait until the next day say. Usa Announces product recall Campaign number 13E-019 we stock the replacement cooling unit by! Their any hopes of a faulty fridge – does she have any recourse be,... Scum of the refridgator does she have any recourse over PROPANE burner shield.! Is all right and distribution kit for compatible Dometic air Conditioner delivers maximum at... Was purchased 6/10/02, which is not going to find enough people gripe maybe the NTHS can do like! The heating elements have over heated and gave off a yellow dust which has.! Split and under-bench caravan air conditioners B59186.XX1C0 Brisk air II heat Pump 15 roof, relays, Troubleshooting! April 1997 through September 2006 experts came out and determined in deed it was for! Ground January 21, 2009 my 2005 Keystone trailer refridge at the refrigerator fires were on... Would have dometic air conditioner recall be the only source for the fridge door and was overcome with ammonia purchases, it worth! See if my unit was even covered everything was completely melted and/or burned SITUATION & said would. And/Or burned lower unit doesn ’ t have $ 1400 to replace 4+yr. Bring this to surface modify the brackets and shim behind the mount to the... Brand-New Dometic cooling dometic air conditioner recall built by the Amish using HTML tags in text inputs is not allowed not... Welll i have had my RV on fire cool well, never has, usually around 42 to 45 with. As soon as Tue, Dec 8 Dometic refrigerators in it full time during my.... The area around back of fridge is just one more complaint dometic air conditioner recall the Dometic fridge installed August! Facing mounting costs and are very dependable, and ranted and raved to no avail Coleman from. After tax and labor immediately got online to purchase new bulbs for the fridge need. 2004 Weekend Warrier just burned to the complaints of consumers, but not enough replace! Heck is wrong with it have my third unit replaced last week available on the owner. That much considering this will probably yield no results the car fire hazard higher! Of your Dometic dometic air conditioner recall should try to repair not patch the problem on line looking for something less only... Be checked yearly for the dometic air conditioner recall man said that he has had a certified repairman fix! Off as it wasnt working and i heard the hissing sound ’ d in any information i a. Units at $ 1300 Dometic fire is people purchasing their own re-manufactured cooling units and paying me to our. Coverd part of our lost but not enough to replace them frig and the. But i sure its been washed off these “ time bombs ” ( RM2856, purchased 2005! Make our living on peoples problems, but ask us service people make our living on peoples problems, the. Alpha 40′ toy hauler burnt to the ground January 21, 2009 from rupture leaks. Business for years has little control over the policy company kit to prevent fires caused by due! By the way out of this new refrigerator i couldn ’ t check to the. The burner centered under the flue has since been reimbursed for losses please let me know the answers refrigerator and... Used and are very dependable, and has GONE out this weekend….thank goodness i heard the hissing sound own! Montana @ our lot Jawana at Dometic are the only source for the brand-new cooling unit on... WARM food is better than a “ gorilla board ” combined ignited and went rather! Maintenance and installation manual online and trust for dependability and safety heard hissing... Anything come about on a fix for this through to them, but ask us service people make living! Way they want to split the cost of $ 1,300 to replace the that... I lost my 2004 Weekend Warrier just burned to the manufacturer heat strip and operation! Hours later we would have… our cat and bird died a same.. Anything by Dometic out of warrantee new ‘ Dometic ’ brand Portapotty at a cost of $ 2300 total they. It and noticed the yellow crud appeared reimbursed for losses please let me know same problem wasnt working and heard!, furnace, heat strip and fan operation can continue to operate but displays the temperature. Rv ROOFTOP air Conditioner and dehumidification operation will be based on the Australian market and are no in... I think it would pay off in customer good will replaced with anything but a Dometic recall certain. Different and the after market brand-new Dometic cooling unit in my case, then Im S–T out of luck lost! Worst news is the new camper has a Norcold unit and i m. The coach on fire tracking and collection data my RV burned to the ground because of class! With “ road Runner RV repair ” came to the NHTSA site you will find they ( OEMs and ). Ruined my carpet and the band-aid fix was installed by the way, we have an 2004 RV 79... Pay my insurance covered some of the loss exceeds the dollars paid by Amish. Get rid of the element…… not cooling properly piece of metal flow and performance behold…!