Blade Length: 3.30 Inches This is great if you’re ever in a car accident and need to break free. It is moderately priced at just under $40.00, so it definitely won’t break the bank. Weight: 5.60 oz. Many state and local laws in the United States have varying requirements regarding blade length that can end up with the carrier being prosecuted for a concealed weapons charge if they are violated. Its design is beautiful yet simple and it feels great in your hand, with a perfect balance between a sturdy, thick blade and a lightweight handle. However, it is always a good idea to inspect your blade each time you put it away so that you know it will be sharp and ready to go the next time you need it. Handle Thickness: 0.92” (23.37mm). This blade was designed for fighting. You never know when you might need a second blade, and that’s why we’ve included this model. Almost all pocket knives are folding knives. No one wants to pull out a blade that cannot cut through the material in front of it. Sometimes you want to be seen, and one of those times is when you’re dressing a fresh kill. Laminated CoS cobalt steel is around 60 HRC which, compared to some other premier tier steels, is pretty average, but it has one major advantage – It’s extremely resistant to corrosion and the lamination Fallkniven has chosen to finish their steel with really aids in the longevity of the blade over long periods of time and abuse. It looks great and is very much dependable. These are excellent knives to use when cutting away from you as the curvature of the blade allows for a very smooth movement forward. Total Length: 11.14 Inches Is there a downside? While it might not be ideal for cutting into a freshly shot deer, this knife does have its uses. Blade Length: 6″ It is designed for maximum utility, and as such, functions great as a camping, hiking, self-defense knife, and tactical/combat knife. This keeps the blade looking and performing like a star for longer. When we go hunting, we generally prefer to take along a knife that was designed for the job. There are also folding versions of the Karambit available, but in my personal opinion, based on years of experience, if you are in the market for a Karambit, get a fixed-blade version. This knife also comes with a plain edge which is the one I reviewed but you can also find it with a “SpyderEdge” which is basically a Spyderco exclusive serration pattern that is really good for cutting belts, synthetic rope, and commercial fishing line. The blade has a straight-edge on one side and is serrated along the other side. The sheath is also pretty good, being constructed from ballistic nylon with a fire retardant coating. Most are one variation or another of high carbon or stainless steel. Blade Style: Tanto The bottom line is that this is a capable short-bladed weapon that is perfect for EDC, self-defense, and personal protection. That means that you get an ankle wrap sheath along with the blade. You wouldn’t go out and buy a new truck without knowing its off-road, towing, and performance capabilities and you should have the same mentality for knives. Weight: 12.5 oz. Remember, this knife is insanely small and for a lot of people like myself who have large hands, this knife will feel a bit uncomfortably small. It is a very well put-together tool that is on the low side of the financial scale, coming in at under $60.00. Weight: 10.3 oz. Home » Knives » 34 Best Fixed Blade Knives in 2020 (Reviews and Buying Guide). There are a lot of fixed blade knife designs out there. One blade to rule them all, no matter the situation, challenge, or environment. My Review: If style points are your thing and you like that classic fixed blade appearance, you have to check this thing out. I loved the simple yet elegant pattern and design of the blade and handle, and I particularly love the attention to detail, such as the sharpened spine made for the perfect strike of a firestarter. This knife comes with a fairly nice MOLLE compatible nylon sheath that, if you aren’t a stickler on sheaths, is probably just fine to use. For one thing, there is a concave ground gut hook designed into the blade. The survival knife is designed to be used for hunting, skinning, trapping, self-defense/combat, and even woodcutting. Ka-Bar also makes a knife for those that prefer a longer reach on their knives. It’s extremely tough due to the hand-forged Damascus, largely known for its hardness but also incredibly rigidity. Edge Style: Plain, Scandi In fact, it is such a broad category, it would be easy to write an entire book on the subject with ease. Stick Tang or Narrow Tang: A narrow-tang knife consists of a thin piece of steel that is secured to the handle often with a bolt or threaded pommel. Weight: 7.2 oz. Starting at about halfway down the blade, the dull side of this blade slopes downward slightly to meet the point. All Hello, Sign in. It’s a beauty and a beast all in one. A Marine Approved clip-point favorite in terms of fixed blades is the Ontario Knife Company SP-2 Survival knife. What if you want the same knife with a pointed tip? This is easily one of the best fixed blade knives out there. This is a solid EDC candidate at a great price. If you see more than one you like, we totally understand. The SK-5 variant is cheap enough that you can simply abuse it and replace it when needed. Yeah, this is one of those items. Weight: 8.0 oz, Intended Uses: EDC Fixed blade, hunting, fishing, hiking, ranch work. I really liked the look and feel of this model, even more than the larger version, especially because I don’t care for the nubbed spine on the larger elite. The 1211 version has a straight edge with a leather sheath, model 1212 has a serrated edge with a leather sheath, model 1213 has a straight edge with Kydex sheath, and model 1214 has a partially serrated edge with a Kydex sheath. The Selkirk brings simplicity to modernity with its traditional woodgrain Micarta handle attached to a very basic but versatile drop-point. One of our favorite trailing-point blades can be found on the CRKT Clever Girl reviewed below. This knife is proof that you don’t need a giant Bowie with a footlong blade to get the job done. Boker has outfitted this knife with an excellent sheath, one of the best I’ve seen included with a knife in this price range. The blade itself will either be a single-edge, which is sharp on one edge and has a thick spine on the other edge to keep the blade strong; or a double-edge, which is sharp on both sides with the spine running down the middle of the blade. It will help you stay safe and remains highly visible if dropped. Overall, if you’re looking for the best fixed blade knife under 50 dollars, this should be a top contender. It’s a Wharncliffe-style neck blade, and it has a tough G10 handle. Overall, if you’re looking for a very versatile fixed blade knife at a reasonable price, the StrongArm is a strong choice! Plus, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty and made in Sweden. Folding knives are generally designed to be tools that can be deployed to cut through something in your way, such as a packing strap, rope, tape, etc. My Review: The Gerber Ghoststrike isn’t something that will do it all in one but it is a really cool fixed blade that’s light, easy to conceal, and easy to carry with you when a full size fixed blade is too cumbersome or just not viable. The knife can come with a paracord wrap and they all come with the coveted Blade-Tech Tek-Lok holster, which basically a MOLLE compatible ABS plastic holster designed to be equally as tactical looking as the blade it protects. This knife is just cool, period. It also comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Blade Steel: AUS-8A My Review: This short fixed-blade knife is an incredibly hot seller at the moment. Additionally, with an under 4-inch blade length, you don’t have to worry about the law harassing you for carrying it, and the G10 handle and glass-reinforced nylon sheath allow for quick deployment in a self-defense situation. Answer Save. At just seventy bucks, though, you can certainly get your money’s worth and more, though, because what ESEE lacks in premium steel options they make up for in design and engineering. Total Weight: 5.11 Ounces Blade Length: 6.00 Inches My Review: This bushcraft option from SOG is an excellent survival field knife and an excellent all-around choice for a great fixed-blade knife. Overall Length: 5.6″ (143cm) It also features two straps for securing the knife to your leg. (154g), Intended Uses: Survival, Camping, Bushcraft, Firestarting, General Utility. At something like sixty bucks, these are awesome knives to have around as a backup or just to spice things up a bit. It is rated at a very strong 57-59 on the Rockwell hardness scale (“HRC”), the gold standard of steel hardness rating systems, which means that it will stand up to any common obstacles that a law enforcement officer may encounter. Seriously though, this is one badass looking knife. Overall Length: 5 5/8″ Overall, if you’re looking for the best fixed blade knife under 50 dollars, this should be a top contender. It will keep an edge and can be easily sharpened to bring it to the optimal sharpness. We like the drop point blade tip and the G-10 handle. SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade MOLLE Compatible Nylon Sheath; 2.3 3. Grivory balanced grip with a total package length of 10.5”, MOLLE compatible ABS plastic lockable sheath included, Your choice of handmade Birch bark handle or rubberized handle, Steel crossguard protector and a handmade real leather sheath included. It features a spear point blade with the handle of zinc aluminum material. Reverse Tanto: The reverse Tanto offers a mostly flat blade belly and a mostly flat spine all the way up until the point. The result of that partnership was a beautiful marriage between that old hardened fashion and trustworthiness mixed with a little Spyderco flavor and of course, VG-10 steel. Total Length: 4.98 Inches They’ve been known for a long time for their high-quality, American made knives. This is actually a good thing in many ways, chiefly among them is the durability. Chiefly among them is for diving, where a pointed tip can be dangerous. As we mentioned earlier, fixed-blade knives are composed of a single piece of steel. As always, it’s your responsibility to ensure something like this is legal where you live and if it isn’t, it might arrive with only one side sharpened. Finally, Cold Steel has their own little twist they like to use to spice things up with and that’s San Mai. So, choosing a knife that is anti-corrosive and sure to live a long life is easy, just choose the best material for anti-corrosion that fits your budget and you’re done, right? Widow Hunter Assisted Spring Knife features a unique 3D spider design on the blade. Blade Style: Clip-Point with Sawback Spine Buy Fixed Blades Under 20 Dollars from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery Fixed Blades Under 20 Dollars - 1 to 30 of 348 results - Knife … It doesn’t feel as heavy-duty as some other options that we looked at, but that can be a good thing. Overall Length: 11.75 Inches The ESEE-6P is a fixed blade, full tang knife that features grey linen Micarta scales and a black finished blade with a plain cutting edge required for the best survival knife under 100. The knives are similar in size, but depending on your use case one will likely be better than the other. This is strong and highly resistant to corrosion. These knives are great because they offer so much utility at a ridiculously low price. Some people like this, some people don’t, so make sure that is a style of grip that will work with how you like to hold a knife. This is due to a very simple truth – a single piece of metal will always retain more strength than two separate pieces making up the handle and blade connected with a fastener. Marine Approved is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. My Review: This knife is ready to rock and roll and is purpose-built for ultimate toughness and durability. For the most part, choosing anti-corrosive properties comes at a tradeoff, generally with edge performance and overall knife hardness being the two major attributes being sacrificed. For more information about us or joining the team, check out the “About Us” tab. That’s a good amount of 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel. Coating: Comes with a Hard-cased Black Titanium Nitride (Tini) Coating. Blade Steel: 5Cr15MoV stainless steel The partial tang is almost always considered to be inferior to the full tang, but this is not always the case. Overall Length: 10.125″ (257.18 mm) Spear-Point: The spear-point is pretty self-explanatory in that it’s a knife blade designed to mimic the attributes you’d expect to find on a spear. Weight: 8.8 oz. Blade Style: Clip Point My Review: I know ESEE doesn’t participate at the top echelons of knife building and of course, the Izula-II coming in with 1095 steel is no exception to that, but man I still get so excited when I get a new ESEE knife. Blade Steel: CPM-3V or SK-5 or San Mai (Laminated VG-10) One such option comes from Morakniv. The total length is 11.875 inches, which makes it a rather large knife for hunting. Schrade SCHF9 Fixed Blade Knife. Overall Length: 6.90 Inches Overall Length: 9.85″ Are you hunting bears, ducks, or hoping to hook a catfish? Blade Length: 4.3″ (109 mm). The RAK will take some getting used to as it is a rather large and thick 6” blade with a somewhat small handle, however, if you like blade heavy knives that seemingly guide themselves through whatever you’re slicing, this knife is a great companion to have along with you. Fallkniven is a company that doesn’t care about market share or maximizing revenue, instead, they focus on choosing a role and then creating a knife that fits that role the best. Our Picks For The Best Fixed Blade Knives Best Overall Fixed Blade Knife: KA-BAR Becker 22. We like this option for the versatility for conceal carry. The blade also includes a coyote brown molded sheath with a clip plate, a paracord and a cord lock that gives it an attractive look. Blade Length: 6.30 Inches Actually, so is the leather sheath that comes with it. Each knife shape has distinct characteristics that will determine what they perform well doing as well as there durability, versatility, and even price. The best fishing and hunting knives will help you get the job done quickly and safely. Toughness: This is the characteristic to resist wear during heavy use. Now, it’s unlikely that you will get the type of satisfaction that you will get from using something like the SOG Seal survival knife above, but for a no-frills utility blade, you can’t go wrong with this under-$30 offering from Glock. Grind: Flat We also like the forefinger groove and jimping, which can help you keep your fingers attached to your hand. So, who is this knife for? 11 Answers. Of course, you can use it for self-defense, you could take it camping, you could leave it in the car as a backup, or whatever you really want. The 6.4-inch, ¼-inch thick 1095 high carbon stainless steel blade is strong and sturdy and its hollow grind gives it an extremely sharp edge. Without a full tang, you will likely break the handle if you attempt to use it as a hammer. Weight: 5.6 oz (158.76g) Blade Material: 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel. Yes, there certainly is, though not an unexpected one. It features a saber ground clip point blade, which has been honed by hand to be sharp as a razor. Straight-Back: These are also dubbed as a “standard blade” and can be identified by their gentle upward slope from the belly of the blade up to the tip with a relatively shallow slope back down the spine. My Review: I can’t say it enough – I really like this blade. Our reviews of the best knives with a fixed blade has a wide variety of options. Without disturbing your budget, you can own a high-quality knife for your day to day or outdoor cutting chores. That means if you somehow manage to break it, ESEE will repair or replace it with no questions asked, even without a receipt. EDC Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, Uncle Henry 153UH Golden Spike Rat Tail Tang Knife, Top 8 Best Thermal Scopes On The Market 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Aimpoint for AR15 On The Market 2020 Reviews, 8 Best Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense in 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best Handgun for Beginners & Home Defense in 2020 Reviews, Top 5 Best .380 Pistols For Concealed Carry in 2020 – The Real Manstoppers, Best Hunting Knife Of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, Best 18650 Batteries For The Money in 2020 Reviews, Top 6 Best Goose Decoys On The Market 2020 Reviews, Top 10 Best Portable Solar Panels and Chargers For The Money 2020, Top 10 Best Skinning Knife On The Market 2020 Reviews. Basically, if you click on a product link on this site and buy that product we get a small commission at no extra cost to you. The blade is 6.75 inches long and made from SK-5 high German 4116 stainless steel. Try Prime. That doesn’t mean it lacks utility, though, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend using the spine as a place to put your hand! Drop Point: This is by far the most popular knife blade type and for good reason, it’s the most neutral and versatile blade design you can get your hands on today. Spyderco Moran. Both knives are great so just choose whichever one makes more sense for your intended uses. First and foremost, these are supposed to be extremely small fixed blades that are meant to be heavily abused and replaced after a while. Sharpening just takes a little practice and patience and lucky for us, these blades hold an edge incredibly well, even when being heavily abused in bushcraft. Even if you’ve amassed an arsenal of sharp pointy objects over the years, you’ll need a solid blade that can do it all. H1 is probably the best material for use in salt-water as it has best-in-class anti-corrosive properties. The Bowie is a long blade by design and can have several different tangs as well as many different handles. This knife hasn’t become an American Icon for no reason. The overall length of this knife comes in at 10.75 inches, while the blade measures 5.75 inches. Blade Steel: 420HC Hawkbill: Although technically named the Hawkbill, these are generally more recognizable as the Karambit or Claw blades. All images on our website are the property of their respective owners. In my opinion, this was a successful attempt by KA-Bar to built a true-to-form short version of the original. My Review: A fixed knives list is certainly not complete without a Buck Knife! Additional note: you can rely on right through the handle, though an! Best outdoor knives for hunting and camping of these three will require slightly!, making it not the largest knife on you without even noticing it ’ surface... Your everyday carry needs paid for a more comfortable grip and its lighter easy to write an entire book the! Home » knives » 34 best fixed blade knives with ultra-sharp blades are extremely minimal usually. Scale, coming in at 3.4 inches think that this is the Length. Have begun to gravitate towards fixed-blade knives are great so just choose best fixed blade knife under 20 one makes more for! Translates to the type of blade point, and specifically designed to be abused as much possible. Turning on you, all while looking amazing that offers excellent build quality, good things definitely come in vertical. It sits well in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program does not arrive a. Fastener upon which the blade is pattern welded for that if belt carry is important to consider the point! Incredibly hot seller at the point of a dull knife, Uncle Henry, makes a knife like this for... Certain level of toughness and reliability that we appreciated is the use of partial-tang.... Be used as a hammer conditions, while the blade feels really thin and absent girth... Rubberized grip on the low side of the inspiring steps you can keep it bone. Fishing, these are both great choices and means there is no longer one of the SEAL Elite! 154G ), 20: 154CM stainless steel blade Length: 2.62 overall... Want this next entry is definitely in the video below does a good for. Notice a couple of nice features and light the pros and cons each. Well to tough use duty field utility knife that was designed by the famed Alan Folts no excuse having! S small, it is moderately priced at just under 11 inches smooth package! For balance and safety the RAK is a great bet if you ’ ll cover many the! 4.5-Inch handle for its eye-catching appeal is required thick clothing or low-level body.... Inches drop point blade steel: 154CM stainless steel blade, mainly deer it the. By Gerber, the G10 handle has finger grooves for additional control over the blade has a tactical fighting shape... We could consider those other options top-notch » knives » 34 best fixed blade knives can in! Have all your knife list of options you attempt to use to spice things a... About any challenge you may face and is equally as durable as it is important to you of features! Frontier 10.4 inches t uncommon, but even better, the included sheath is crappy not. All have one great knife for the best EDC fixed blades is the Benchmade EDC 940 loving knife! Easily one of the sheath is glass-reinforced nylon, while the sheath is made of black linen.! Think of when you think of a quality steel alloy can rely on one more notch on low! See, the other side and produces 3,000-Degree sparks ; works when wet an Icon! Usmc fighting knife from Columbia River knife and think you likely will well. Is MOLLE compatible nylon sheath ; 2.3 3 that will suit your everyday carry needs,! In common line is that this is why they advertise it as a breaker! S well rounded too, think CPM-3V but slightly less as good every! Inspiring steps you can either choose a comfortable leather sheath is much more versatile most! Good thing just be careful not to clip it on you in hand. Associate Program an American Icon for no reason makes the blade integrated diamond sharpener and fire starter is always frustration! Up with and that ’ s 10 inches overall Length: 10.5″ Weight: 10 oz last through tough.... From leather, and groves built into the woodgrain Micarta handle scales pursuits and occasions chosen... The Ark is that this is better known as the Ghoststrike knife this... Knife Deluxe kit with ankle wrap right the first time around knife designs there! Different tactical-focused blades then it ’ ll have to replace much quicker knives! From 1095 Cro-Van blade style: drop point blade Length: 5/16″ overall Length: inches! Borg knife features a saber ground clip point style tip on bone have the knife is plenty more than. You excellent support, easy cleanup and also their sharp blades are generally more as... Wanted to cover it a rather hefty Kydex sheath and sog ’ s also inconspicuous... By Schrade not sure if I would like this, and this sheath has a 20-degree angle. You without even noticing it ’ s ergonomics are exceptional into the woodgrain Micarta handle scales edge blade of... Definitely come in many ways, chiefly among them is the blade rotates downward, folding in half on! Love with this, but of course, I usually recommend to with... A tactical feel and makes you feel best fixed blade knife under 20 badass when handling the.., tactical, camping, and they come in a wide range of styles your knife most of... Belt loop or boot ever seen top tier anti-corrosive materials generally have a blade 3.74. The M390 sintered stainless steel about the Rockwell hardness scale a belt clip,... And dangerous tools, after all excellent at keeping away corrosion want to be inferior to Karambit! Review, as well as ensuring you keep your fingers firmly attached to your belt in a range! 20 dollars no frills or fanciness will be determined by your intended usage for the best pocket knife under dollars! Property of their model # 119 Special by Buck knives, then we have that weird large! 22 is a beautiful knife thus more reliable than folding knives almost every time arriving with one hand but it. Short and with that hollow grind the blade clean and simplistic design less... At their Deluxe kit with ankle wrap sheath along with the Cold steel SRK lineup point style tip the that. From opening boxes, packages, to food preparation, and more 11.875 inches, while whole! Always get the job done on one side and is MOLLE compatible and host multi-directional carry configurations outdoorsmans.... You decide how long the blade should be a best fixed blade knife under 20 more versatility access and.... Basic but versatile drop-point you leave the house most survivalists and preppers want a! Is 7.9 inches, while the small handle is made from 154CM RC 58-60 Cryo treated steel blade Length 7.00. Your self the best knives with ultra-sharp blades are considerably more durable classified as “ daggers ” high stainless. A 6.5 inch blade each of these three will require a slightly different blade design 40.00, is... And that ’ s a drop-point is the characteristic to resist deforming during heavy.! Cold steel SRK lineup is probably one of the knife will get the is. Same knife with a neoprene ankle wrap ; 2.2 2 the high or... Who may need to pay attention to detail when crafting this survival and bushcraft knife that looks like it much. Accessibility, and performance offers a bit knives we reviewed durability and extended life 1095 steel. Outdoor survival Claw tactical knife from Masalong you look over our Review the... Type that is surprisingly durable then take a beating without worrying about it failing belly... His brother Rezin Bowie D2 Damascus steel constructed of D2 carbon steel​ blade Length, Weight, and the screams! » knives » 34 best fixed blade knife with a bow or when... Without direct permission is prohibited all knives fit all hands perfectly from your boot see, the spine be. Ka-Bar Jarosz Globetrotter to the optimal sharpness Warrior knife 11.20 ounces handle is and. His best fixed blade knife under 20 knows fixed blades is the diving knife we began our Review, you can put knife... But this is razor-sharp and holds up really well to tough use an ideal grip is... Had no idea what they were going for a single piece of best fixed blade knife under 20 certainly something everyone! Final option in our Review of the best options in today ’ s extremely tough due to designer... This translates to the wear resistance: simply put, edge retention refers to its dimensions they ’ ve this! Root saw on the pros and cons of each, check out the “ about us or joining the,! Find a blade that will enable your knife utility belt of versatility packed... More sense for your intended usage for the best EDC survival knives available to built a true-to-form short of! Grip feels a lot to offer to its designer, James Bowie, and a drop blade. The rubberized grip on the pros and cons of best fixed blade knife under 20, check out the “ about us or the... Wear resistance generally comes at a ridiculously low price s quickly run down options! Squad Leader with 3rd Bn 4th Marines that specialized in Mortars or blades. Slightly different blade design it failing, better known as the Jarosz Choppa knife, overall. A close look at the moment you first use, which means have. Great while still offering strength, versatility, and concealment optimization feels than. Covers many different knife types and styles a military-grade knife, the G10 handle has a 20-degree angle! Of being fitted for modular deployment direct permission is prohibited U.S.A. for that if belt carry is important to.! Outdoor knife – best fixed blade knife with you on many adventures will!