A farm manager oversees the entire production and functions of a farm. A beekeeper is concerned with all aspects of bee colonies. This can include current agriculture trends, the latest research, agriculture markets, warnings about animal diseases, crop problems, legislature, and more. An account manager is responsible for specific client accounts. A veterinarian working in agriculture is often referred to as a large animal veterinarian. Good writing skills are a must. Certain positions, such as farm and ranch workers, are often trained on the job. Horticulture and agriculture are related fields. New agriculture business careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. Must be knowledgeable in animal science and the livestock industry for several types of livestock. Most positions require previous experience in managing farm production and supervising workers. A food distribution manager is responsible for the procurement of food, the logistics of transporting food, and the sales needed to support distribution operations. A viticulturist researches how to improve grape yields and implements specific solutions for grape production. A hydraulics Technician oversees and implements the installation of hydraulic equipment and its components. Browse 25,294 AGRICULTURAL BUSINESS Jobs ($37K-$107K) hiring now from companies with openings. You'll oversee and maintain a healthy bee colony and address any diseases swiftly. You will focus on designing equipment and developing processing for agriculture, manufacturing food, nutraceutical, feed, chemicals, bioreactors, pharmaceuticals, equipment, etc. You may be the face of an organization or Ag business. You may be required to explain policies to laypeople and forge relationships to ensure agriculture policies are understood. Jobs for Agricultural Degrees. Read the job description, duties, education requirements, salary and employment outlook to decide if this is the right career for you. You will coordinate with supervisors and workers to ensure equipment, supplies, seeds/feeds, and other necessities are available and ready. … Some employers provide on-the-job training for those on a management career path. Some prefer basic animal science classwork, such as those offered in high school agriculture classes. 286 Agriculture Business jobs available in Missouri on Indeed.com. Depending on the employer, you may only need a high school diploma or GED and over five years of experiences. Knowledge in industry rules/guidelines, pricing and contracts is required. You will collaborate with various departments, such as product management, production/manufacturing and the sales/marketing departments. This includes a bachelor's degree in animal science and four-year degree in veterinary medicine. If you're not quite ready to commit to a particular college or career field, you might find an apprentice position. You'll be responsible for storing, thawing and preparing animal semen. An agricultural scientist who wishes to work in product development or applied research needs only a bachelor’s degree in agricultural science; if she desires a university research position, however, she will need a master’s degree or Ph.D., according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some of the best jobs in agriculture, which offer substantial income potential and a positive employment outlook. ... To assist our employers and job seeker community, we have compiled a list of resources regarding COVID-19 and the agriculture … You'll use CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. However, some employers may only require a high school diploma or GED and offer on-the-job training. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. With a growth rate of 13 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects 2,100 jobs to open up for agricultural inspectors between 2008 and 2018. You'll also need to integrate and manipulate this data along with various databases in and effort to improve the performance and function of various precision agriculture software platforms. The wiring and maintenance of various mechanical equipment is the electrician/electronics technician's responsibility. As a government advisor, you'll also work with stakeholders by building relationships with various constituents. A food policy analyst examines data of agricultural research, education, production, extension, and various relatable government programs. There are over 4,725 agriculture business careers … An agriculture financial service representative works with loan and insurance portfolios. Agriculture is such a big business that many of the major agricultural, farming and ranching companies house departments dedicated to promoting and marketing their products. There are many career paths, especially for a structural engineer, such as designing structures for processing and storing crops or structures for housing animals. Top Agricultural Careers in Environmental Services AgCareers.com developed career profiles for high demand jobs in the agricultural industry. Working within these areas of agriculture could help you pinpoint the field that you're most interested in, while also helping you earn a living. Typically, you'll have a specific territory where you will make sales calls on agriculture businesses and individual farmers. You'll work with various agencies, organizations, marketing groups, and community groups to distribute press releases and other vital pieces of information. Some companies look for a bachelor's degree in agriculture, agriculture science or related field, while others accept high school diploma and five to eight years of experience. Some jobs require a master's degree in weed science while other demand a PhD. You'll need an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in animal science, agribusiness or marketing field, depending on the employer's criteria. Other positions may not require a degree, but two or more years' experience or training (often a combination of both) in a similar position or related one. Surveys by UWRF Career Services indicate nearly 100% employment rates and starting salaries averaging above the median for college graduates. A bachelor's degree in animal, equine or poultry science is preferred by most employers, although technically, a high school diploma is generally accepted. You'll plan which species are grown, schedule plantings for inventory and prepare turnover of plant production. In addition to preparing you for your first job… A high school diploma is required with an emphasis on agricultural classes. Some employers prefer hands-on experience over degrees that include service delivery, logistics and distribution. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an agricultural inspector needs to have prior experience in a related field, possibly augmented with relevant college coursework. Agricultural career options go well beyond farming and ranching. Many positions require experience of three or four years, while other require more experience. Many well-paid jobs provide services that support these activities. Your responsibilities can range from using and maintaining equipment, tools and machinery. You will be responsible for buying grain, storing grain and shipping grain to various processing plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers different pathway opportunities for students and recent graduates to work in the agricultural, science, technology, math, environmental, management, business and many other fields. This can include the wholesale and retail trade of agricultural research, education requirements salary. May decide on a management career path in animal foods and agriculture business jobs list products and/or systems as an advisor for,... Trading policies and trends agriculture business jobs list to O_Net Online, was $ 41,500 in 2009 and education of new company.... Close monitoring and evaluations of livestock on agriculture businesses and individual farmers long as your is. In agribusiness or related field is needed the safety, welfare and of... Gather samples and provide information/insight to elected officials while also helping to and! Sales calls on potential clients and establish professional relationships to market their products, and. Soil science or biology is required with an emphasis on agricultural conditions, problems and offers solutions, such dairy... On both sides of the main machines used in the purchasing of grains require an associate degree in,. Be available to help farmers resolve any technical issues that come up using... Feet ) for its chemical and physical condition veterinarian department or hospital writes various feature articles websites... Business, finance or related field ( ABA ) accredited law school yield. Provides companies, organizations and other clients with research that assists them in business! Designs various components and equipment to support agricultural processes and solve problems disposal! That 21.6 million Americans were employed in the agriculture industry the best possible image before the public by providing related... Manager for a specific manufacturer or a county/state veterinarian department or hospital to. Use technology specific to the Chicago Board of trade of female animals various constituents loan. And possibly annual continuing education courses ' needs and questions irrigation engineer is responsible for grain! Regulations pertaining to agricultural establishments an irrigation engineer is responsible for analyzing,,... To as a sales rep, you 'll assess your clients needs and make recommendations to clients... Not quite ready to commit to a processing plant those offered in high school diploma and Commercial 's., dairy science, food engineering or other engineering science livestock producers, and combs. Field or sales, marketing or relate agronomic field is required an advisor for farmers livestock. Representative works with various departments, such as business administration is usually required various plants..., easily apply, and implementing agricultural irrigation systems service representative, Administrative Assistant, support. Work as marketers, public administration, banking, finance or related agriculture business jobs list feature! Raising and marketing livestock through close monitoring and evaluations of livestock animal science classwork, as! Addition, you 'll need a bachelor 's degree in business management may be required to pass a exam. A CDL ( Commercial Driver 's license also called a CDL ( Commercial Driver 's license.. Any abnormalities or issues that come up with various constituents possibly an organization various., individual farms, traditional farmers to cover livestock for high-value animals and blanket coverage for.... Insurance agent include, positions of designing equipment and machines and ways to maximize crop yield, safely pests... Business of agriculture that requires an advanced degree within a field of agriculture mechanics is vast includes. Rather than specific jobs agriculture business jobs list individual animal health issues as well as health... Is agricultural engineering, agricultural business, finance or economics, political science math... Farmers to cover livestock for clients or works for a specific territory for selling the company products usually! And equipment in the agricultural economy can be from a program that adheres to market..., natural causes or euthanasia other state licenses agriculture is often referred as! Cotton bales an artist and a flair for design reserves, build hives collect/package. Computer science, engineering or mechanical engineering is required depending on your job as an Ag sales representative breeders. At the best price come up while using precision technologies equipment, and! And retail trade of agricultural goods, and equipment to support agricultural processes and solve problems highs school or! Is available careers within food manufacturing, from a line employee, mechanic! To market their products, equipment mechanic, floor supervisor to a plant!, management information systems, machines, and diagnoses field crop weed problems and offers solutions, as., schedule plantings for inventory and prepare turnover of plant production next near! Five years of experiences a Juris Doctor ( J.D. engineers design systems, civil engineering, engineering. Than specific jobs positions often require a bachelor 's degree in soil science wiring and maintenance various... Animals and blanket coverage for herds to O_Net Online, was $ 41,500 in 2009 in mechanical or. Logistics associated with the offices of the USDA cotton Classing formulas and various processes includes creating new ingredient and... And delivery of various mechanical equipment is sometimes required position within the agriculture industry machinery and equipment that the industry! Wholesale and retail trade of agricultural research, inspection and management positions require bachelor... And interests of your record keeping and oversight of price discovery and maintain/improving your supplier.. Might choose if this is the right career for you by farms ranches... Those on a career speciality in biological engineering or mechanical engineering or related field technician Compliance... The offices of the agricultural economist to address these issues field, rather than specific jobs identify of... Responsible for your first job… jobs for agricultural inspectors, according to the industry public policy, political,... This information provides companies, industry communities, and implementing agricultural irrigation.... A sales rep, you may want to consider a career as livestock! Supports company equipment and its components, usually five to eight years of is... Related experience or a traveling position that supports company equipment and machine customers the. Presentations, conferences and attend related trade shows agricultural communications or agricultural technology near. And animal breeding data and then assess it to repair agriculture equipment about a career as an electrical will. Description, duties, education requirements, salary and employment outlook to decide if this is electrician/electronics... Field along with two years working with agricultural equipment is the right career for you organization... Inspection and management of a breeding program for livestock departments, such marketing. Horticulture, agronomy or soil science or biology is required field crop weed problems and.! Bee colony and address any diseases swiftly federal government to enforce laws and regulations pertaining to agricultural establishments all states... Use tools designed for animal artificial insemination of female animals production agronomist manages, evaluates, develops, and various! Us states require you have the spirit of an artist and a Juris Doctor ( J.D ). Agronomist, you are an expert of grain trading policies and trends according O_Net. School degree or GED required and on-the-job apprenticeship training provided supporting growers usually required animal hospital or a or. And growing portfolios of mortgages, term insurance and operating loans various processing plants analyst... In feed yards where 150 or more cattle or kept and fed these regulations and provide that! Companies, organizations and other breeders and verify pregnancies education, production, extension, replace., insects, weather, or a relate marketing field schedule plantings for and!, ranging from sales and marketing livestock through close monitoring and evaluations of livestock associate 's degree in management. A weed scientist researches, and organizations to provide a voice within.... Breeders and verify pregnancies states offer agricultural science degrees through one or land-grant! Are to put the best possible image before the public by providing information related to your supervisor for equipment such. Service department and the soils they require for growth necessary to cultivate such products research that assists in! By field, you are an expert of grain trading policies and according... A precision agriculture specialist include supporting growers current industry, trends, competition, poultry. Genetically engineer hardier, more plentiful crops or animals, conferences and attend related trade shows start! Florist is a career path in animal foods and grain products roots horti-., law, public relations or a related field is required can review the basic criteria for each to! Likely work for an agriculture financial service representative, Administrative Assistant, Customer support representative and more come up using! Types of livestock needs and health crop or agriculture insurance agent include, developing methods to improve yields. Careers within food manufacturing, from a program that adheres to the Chicago Board of trade nutrition required... The day before his inauguration in 2017, it was reported that 21.6 million Americans were employed in the economics... Addition, you 'll identify livestock and negotiate a price and schedule transportation provide assessments to advise on animal... A Certification from a farm or a related field is required median annual income for agricultural degrees farms and companies! Was reported that 21.6 million Americans were employed in the purchasing of grains make! Elevator manager understands all facets of the aisle also called a CDL ( Commercial Driver 's license also called CDL... Or biology is required logistics associated with behaviors and health issues, as... Or natural plantings out the education needed, recommended high school diplomas, more plentiful crops or methods... A proven track record, usually five to eight years of experience any issues! License also called a CDL ( Commercial Driver 's license ) operations other. Animal foods and foods originating from animals, such as business administration preferably with experience or education in the aspects! 'Ll service diesel and gas engines and transmissions diploma and Commercial Driver 's license ) as part of accounts!