What should I know?

Interested in auditioning for BFK?

Even if you’re unsure of your abilities, we encourage you to audition. This is basically a 10 minute singing lesson, during which you get advice on how to improve your singing voice. Those qualified will be offered a place in the choir. You have nothing to lose and a membership in BFK to gain.

What are the qualifications to be a member of BFK?

To have a voice for singing, an ear for music and the ability to sing according to given direction. The success of a choir lies in the individual chorister’s ability to sing with a quality that strengthens the whole. To be able to learn the music quickly is an advantage but not a requirement. The desire to learn and engage oneself in the music, however, should be a priority.

What are the advantages to sing with BFK?

To sing in Grieghallen’s main concert hall with a fabulous orchestra and a Grammy-nominated chorus, under the baton of accomplished conductors from around the world. To be a part of the reknowned Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra’s program and sing a variety of repertoire, from classical orchestra works, with a few minutes of singing, and the choral works which we live for, to back-stage (and sometimes onstage) opera choruses and modern pieces. To experience the pleasure in being a part of a musical whole, a part of the overall sound of a choir with a long past and a brilliant future.

What is the time committment to sing with BFK?

We rehearse each Wednesday between 1900 and 2130 at Grieghallen, in preparation for up to 4 concerts per semester. In ‘concert week’, the expectation is that those singing the concert attend all final rehearsals, given these are the only sessions with the orchestra and concert conductor. In addition, our aim is to hold a weekend seminar each semester.

We’d love to meet you! Fill out our form to arrange for an audition time, and we’ll be in touch!